Our 29th Anniversary Season
September 2016 - May 2017


You do not need to be a classical music buff to enjoy the simple delight of arriving at this small, landmark church with wonderful acoustics, taking your seat, and allowing the music to wash over you. A true escape from the rigors and unwanted noise of our lives.”

– Joshua Worby,
Executive Director,
Westchester Philharmonic





Video Gallery - Noonday Getaway Concerts - Downtown Music at Grace

Ensemble Breve -Trio Sonata in C Minor
Deborah Booth - flute and recorder, Louise Schulman - violin and viola,
Stephen Rapp - harpsichord
December 2, 2009

Histoire du Tango - Bas Duo
Elyse Knobloch - flute, Peter Press - guitar
Wednesday, October the 21st, 2009

Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano - Claude Bolling
Jazz from the Conservatory
Harold Jones - Flute, Irena Portenko - Piano, Al Renino - Bass, Nick Mangini - Drums
Wednesday, October the 14th, 2009