Our 31st Anniversary Season
September 2018 - May 2019


You do not need to be a classical music buff to enjoy the simple delight of arriving at this small, landmark church with wonderful acoustics, taking your seat, and allowing the music to wash over you. A true escape from the rigors and unwanted noise of our lives.”

– Joshua Worby,
Executive Director,
Westchester Philharmonic



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Board of Trustees

Paul Bergins, Esq., President
Sabin Streeter, Vice President
Cormac Daly, Treasurer

Allen Bartlett
Renee Cohen
Robert Heath
Michael Heffner
Vincent Lionti
Hannah Nelson
Kenneth Reilly
Barbara Schwarz
Brian Wallach
Nicholas Wolff

Timothy Lewis, Artistic and Managing Director
Shin So Denneen, Marketing & Administrative Advisor

Advisory Committee

Norman Horowitz
Nancy Kissinger
Robert Sherman
Melvin Stecher